2 INTERIM PASTOR is also committed to working with days a week or at least hours per week to provide pastoral care and pastoral leadership as follows:1. The direction of divine services, including the celebration of communion and baptism2. Call the sick and locked members and make communion with these people, as is customary in this community.3 From animals to weddings and funerals.4 Take the direction of the various commissions of the Church, if time can be allocated for 5. Perform administrative tasks, work with other Church collaborators to provide a unique and harmonious program, and support communication in the community (Bulletin, Bulletin, Correspondence, Protocols and Personal Contacts)6. If necessary, at the chaplaincy level7. Be as a resource person for other Church organizations – men/women/Sunday school/ and the Church agrees to support THE PASTOR INTERIM by:1. SAMPLE INTERIM PASTOR AGREEMENT The call to the Baptist Church is to serve as an interim pastor beginning during the period covered by this covenant, as acting pastor, Rev. accepts the following tasks:1. As an ex offico INTERIM PASTOR in the boards of directors and committees listed here2. For the worship and pastoral leadership of community concerns3.

To bring the Community to address the community and perform its service of healing and reconciliation.4 help the Church to work on the priority goals and the motivation of members to work actively in all aspects of the life of the Church; including the five development missions of the INTERIMAIREs Churches5. To call new and inactive members to the prospect of building the strength of the community.6 In order to allow the community to move seamlessly from time without a pastor to the call of a newly installed PASTOR in the field, the INTERIM PASTOR and the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee agree to work together to accomplish the tasks mentioned above. 4 In the event of termination within a calendar month, the portion of the allowance up to the included termination date must be considered by all parties that the priests are not candidates for the permanent pastoral position of this body and are accepted by the Church and the Rev. on this day of copies: INTERIM PastorChurch/BoardRegion StaffBoard ChairInterim PastorDateSig . 3 Faithful and faithful to the continuation of their work through committees and other tasks, and to keep the priests informed of their work; 3. Pray next door and for the interim pastor4. Compensation: Cash allowance for housing and public services: reimbursement for the automobile: 16% pension calculated on cash payday, housing and service company: Medical premium: continuing education and funds for the same: One week of full leave for each 3 months Service: total duration of salary is: (weekly, two weeks, monthly) Both parties agree to cooperate with the regional office of the American Baptist This confederation is established for and every quarter thereafter3. Each party can terminate the ACCORD after 60 days of written notification.