Section 93 of the Texas Property Code covers the leasing of commercial real estate. This section does not mention any information to be provided when renting such real estate. However, there are some that you would nevertheless like to include, such as: the mutual lease agreement can be concluded in favor of the parties and their respective successors and beneficiaries and be binding on them. The agreement should state that it is the final agreement and agreement of the parties and that it can only be amended by another letter signed by the parties. If your commercial property is near a water source maintained by the Texas Water Code, you should consider a water fluctuation advisory. Water sources maintained by the Texas Water Code normally consist of artificial reservoirs or lakes containing 5,000 hectares of water or more. A communication on water fluctuations would inform tenants of the potential for flooding or water damage. It would also designate the waters concerned and their proximity to the land. List all services related to commercial property as well as the responsible party.

In shared buildings, you may need to list the percentage of a utility company that your tenant will have. For example, your lease may state that “this tenancy agreement between (your name), which is known below as the `lessor` (your business name) and (tenant`s name) who do business as (tenant`s business name), is hereinafter referred to as `tenant`. Creekview Financial Group, llc 906 w. mcdermott dr., suite 116-151 allen, tx 75013 (866) 287-3057; Fax (469) 854-1603 Commercial rental agreement Request Request Commercial information Company Legal name &dba if applicable: Billing address (street):. If you are in partnership, LLC or company, you should sign it on behalf of the company, not you as an individual. If you are an individual entrepreneur (without legal personality), you must sign as an individual. By serving individually, you agree to be personally responsible for rent and other expenses under the rental agreement; Otherwise, the business unit is responsible. Commercial lease This commercial lease (lease agreement) is entered into by and between them. ltd., a Texas limited partnership (owner) and tarrant County Hospital District d/b/a jps health network, a local unit. Due to the decline in their business income, many commercial tenants want to terminate their lease agreement due to the decline in their income. In the meantime, the activities of other potential tenants have increased and are ready to rent new and expanding spaces.

Below the current commercial market, rental prices do not seem to be falling. Therefore, commercial landlords are willing to mutually release their commercial tenants and sub-tenants and secure a new long-term lease with advantageous terms. In 2019, the Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling that overturns the well-established law. The court ruled that a tenant could terminate a lease for a landlord`s previous material offense. Rohrmoos Venture v. UTSW DVA Healthcare, LLP, 578 S.W.3d 469 (Tex. 2019). When leasing a commercial building built before 1973, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires property owners to submit a lead-based disclosure form. .

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