Comment: MTW agencies stated that HUD was prevented from revising the CCA by the 2016 Enabling Act, which extends MTW`s current agreements, and by language related to VAC in the MTW type agreement. (i) the custodian may not authorize the payment by the PHA of funds held under the conservation agreement, unless this has been expressly authorized by a written notification from HUD to the custodian; and one. Annual Contributions Terms and AGB (a.k.a. ACC) – This agreement between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and a public housing agency (PHA) defines the basic conditions of HUD for the Federally funded Public Housing Program of the PHA and complies with the United States Housing Act of 1937 (42 United States Code (U.S.C. Although NAHRO considers CCA to be and remains a contract between a PHA and the federal government, HUD disagrees and considers the CCA to be a grant agreement. In this context, HUD proposes to change the name of the annual contribution contract under the annual contribution conditions, based on the document as a CCA. PHA Acceptance: The PHA herehesy accepts this agreement, which was executed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development on the aforementioned date as a recipient for federal financial assistance to public housing. , and agrees to comply with the terms of this agreement, applicable public housing requirements and other HUD requirements now or later in force, with respect to state financial assistance that has been made available by PHA for its public housing program. B. PHA executives, employees and representatives may request or accept tips, favors or something of monetary value from residents of public housing or participants in programs covered by this agreement; do not enter into a financial agreement (direct or indirect) with residents of public housing or participants in the program under this agreement. However, the PHA can set written standards for situations where a gift is an unsolicited face value. 9.

Important standard. In the event of a significant delay by the PHA, as determined by HUD, the PHA (1) transmits to the title HUD to (s) project (s) or (2) possession and control of the project (s) to HUD, when the determination of the HUD (which must be a definitive and conclusive provision) is necessary to achieve the objectives of the 1937 Act.