Since lawsuits or evictions for rent arrears have been temporarily suspended in accordance with government legislation, the City Council has put in place assistance to tenants who are concerned about not being able to pay their rent and who are in arrears of rent. The situation, including government advice, is changing. Live updates on the accommodation and all other City Council services during the eruption can be accessed at The council is part of a series of coronavirus measures that are temporarily in place in the municipality`s housing services to protect people from the effects of Covid-19. Legally, we have up to 14 days after the last day of your lease to apply for bail or to respond to disputes. Once all parties agree, the DPS will take 3-5 business days to process this refund. Council tenants who wish to report to the Authority a problem with paying their rent or other cost of living should visit in which there is a simple online form to complete or contact their rental team. Yes, tenants are required to pay the landlord`s rent specified in the rental agreement, Section 9. As a general rule, we reach 50% VAT for the first month of rent. They are also responsible for rent until a new lease begins.

Arden will notify gas, electricity and water suppliers with the relevant council for your municipal tax and you will write to confirm that the account has been changed in your name. The counters would have been read at check-in and the readings are made available to suppliers. Yes, yes. You must pay an additional fee to be deported, and a new agreement will be issued for all parties who can sign it. Moving from one consulting house to another by renting based on choice is suspended, except in very exceptional cases, home maintenance visits are limited to essential security checks and emergencies, and all services normally performed face-to-face are only reachable over the phone. At an executive meeting on Tuesday, August 4, the Redditch Council adopted a new standard for private rental housing in the city. Redditch Council will present a new set of amenities standards for all of its private rental housing in the City`s housing strategy manager presented a report regarding the amenities standards proposed by the Council for Private Sector Housing in Redditch. Members were informed that there were more than 4,000 private property properties in Redditch, including Multiple Occupancy Houses (HMOs). The Amenity Standards Directive would help local landlords and tenants understand the minimum standards expected for local real estate in the private rental sector. You should always contact our CFO, Kate, to discuss your options. If you want to make changes, you need written confirmation from your landlord. First, you should advise Arden on what you want to do so that we can ask this question.

RedDITCH Borough Council has asked tenants of its more than 6,000 properties to come forward if they are having trouble paying rent due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you will not be able to make any or part of the payment, please let us know so we can help you. It was stressed that enforcement action must be taken against owners who do not meet minimum standards.