Competition bans are used by thousands of companies, from sandwich shops to engineering offices to technology companies, but they are increasingly controversial in today`s mobile staff and increasingly entrepreneurial culture. Companies that use a non-compete clause say they are necessary to protect investments in important workers and sensitive information that these workers can access. Termination by the company for cause: If the company terminates the management`s employment for the next period, it is entitled to all other amounts it has earned, accumulated or due at the time of termination of the employment relationship under the company`s current benefits plans or programs. In order to avoid any doubt, management is subject to all cancellation or recovery provisions applicable to such termination under the terms of a plan or agreement that are maintained by the company or a related company. Schlumberger Limited offered to pay me the release payment described in section a) of my employment contract with Schlumberger Limited effective May 31, 2016 (the “agreement”), which applies in addition to all benefits or benefits to which I am already entitled. This release was offered to me in exchange for my agreement, among other things, to renounce all my claims against Schlumberger Limited and its predecessors, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment (collectively called “companies”) and to release them. , employees and representatives, staff performance plans and directors and representatives of these plans (in conjunction with the company and associated companies known as “business groups”) of any claim, claim, deed, liability and injury resulting from or in any way from my employment with the associated company or companies; However, provided that this waiver and authorization do not apply to claims or means of enforcement or interpretation of a provision contained in the agreement. I have read this waiver and release, as well as the agreement (which relates to it together as “documents of agreement”), and the agreement is included as a reference. The payment of the release is voluntary on the part of the company and is not required by any legal obligation other than the agreement. I accept this offer. We will assume, as the District Court found, that the 1969 non-compete agreement could not be enforced under Indiana law outside the states of the Rocky Mountain Division, which once managed Blaker. See Licocci v. Cardinal Associates, Inc., 445 N.E.2d 556 (Ind.1983) (On the treatment of non-compete clauses in Indiana).

We also assume that Blaker was fired for a significant reason or that he is not in a position to say anything else in light of the 1984 agreement, and that Schlumberger did not “unduly” retain permission to work for BPB. Blaker makes none of these assertions in this court. In this case, two Schlumberger employees left the company, opened a competing company and recruited eleven Schlumberger employees, which is likely contrary to the many provisions of competition and non-tenders provided for in the employees` agreements with Schlumberger.