40. NOTE or entry in the registrations or a letter written by the creditor concerning the deposit of instruments of ownership serving as proof of ownership of an asset (with the exception of negotiable security) if there is no agreement on an agreement to deposit such instruments of ownership. Subject to a maximum of three rupees lakh fifty Paise per one hundred rupees or part thereof out of the amount of the consideration fixed in this Agreement. (b) Any undone person who sells or offers for sale a stamp (with the exception of a stamp of 10 Naye Paise or five paise)) shall be liable to imprisonment for up to six months, or to a fine of up to five hundred rupees or both if convicted. To the extent that the provisions of paragraph 32A apply mutatis mutandis to the power which applies to a promotion under this Section, provided that, in the case of stamp duty in accordance with Article 5(g), on an agreement or registration thereof or an agreement concluded between the same parties and in respect of the same goods, the right to be collected under this clause of one hundred rupees.]; (b) Any person performing instruments on paper bearing an adhesive stamp shall cancel it at the time of its execution, unless that stamp has already been removed in the manner mentioned above, so that it cannot be reused. LegalDesk.com is a well-established legal technology service provider for draft contracts and related services to individuals and businesses in India. Get rental agreements, wills, partnership agreements, deeds of gift, power of attorney, sworn insurance, etc., on e-stamp and foundation services, LegalDesk.com has covered you. (a) if he considers that the document is properly stamped or non-taxable, he certifies by an indication that it is duly stamped or, where applicable, that it is not taxable; As far as public taxation is concerned, it generally varies from one State to another. Nevertheless, there is a general pattern that is followed. For example, let`s take a look at the stamp tax levied by the Karnataka state government. In addition to the above documents, the Karnataka State Government levies stamp duty: the same tax as that levied on the transport provided for in Article 20 for the market value of this immovable property or a hundred rupees, whichever is higher.

(iii) for religious or charitable purposes and includes a written agreement to make such a decision and, if such a decision has not been taken in writing, any act that sets out the conditions for such a decision, whether by a declaration of confidence or by other means; (b) the duty fixed by the buyer under section 31 or an amount equal to the duty already paid in respect of the instrument, corresponding to the duty so fixed, attests, by the statement on that instrument, that the full duty (indicating the amount with which it is collected) has been paid. (a) if such loan or debt is repayable on application or more than three months after the date of the act with which the agreement is concluded, – [6) agreement or agreement for the deposit of instruments of ownership, pledges, pledges, pledges or pledges, that is to say, any act containing an agreement or memorandum of understanding concerning – (c) the provisions of Section 32, point (b), of the reservation in Section 32, paragraph 3; shall be regarded as if it were an instrument exported or exported for the first time from that State and received for the first time in that State when it became taxable at the abovementioned higher duty, but the provisions of point (a) of that provision shall not apply to that provision. (a) where the articles of association (in accordance with section 10 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013)) have been accompanied by a statute, the amendment of which shall be cleared in accordance with Article 7; Stamp duty is the amount of tax that a person pays to the government (central state and/or state of Gujarat) for the execution of different types of acts or documents related to some kind of financial exchange, transaction or commitment….