You may want to talk to your real estate agent (unlike the corresponding job manager), as “inappropriate noise” can be contrary to your rental agreement. For residential units where the landlord has multiple tenants in a property under separate agreements, it is very important that the landlord ensures that the tenants do not interfere with one another in the quiet joy of the premises. The best way to avoid problems is to introduce tenants to each other and discuss how the common housing will work in practice. They wake me up every morning very early with beating and loud noises. Some complaints, such as noise, are simply unfair. It may be that your neighbor is particularly pedantic. The 2017 Environmental Protection Measures (Noise Control) Regulation specifies when neighbours should not hear noise from domestic activities. What is considered noise pollution? Let`s dig a little deeper: in case of noise pollution, the time of day is essential. Most neighbors will forgive being noisy before night, within reason, of course! Visitors to my apartment agree that the noise is unbearable. I have spoken to them several times to let them know that their footsteps, blows or towing noises are all clearly heard. .