In this crazy time of uncertainty, between the 1000 puzzle pieces, the 16-season binge-watching of Grey`s Anatomy and the organization of the garage, self-storage operators should really consider updating their lease. In recent years, almost all states have been subject to legislative changes that apply to self-storage leases. If you haven`t modernized yours lately, now is the right time to surpass it that it needs. You may have a right under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA). If the storage company confiscated your property without following legal procedures, you could recover more than your stored goods were worth, as well as attorneys` fees and court costs. You can get your property before the sale by paying the storage facility the amount you owe in rent, plus reasonable expenses (for example.B. Most stock rental agreements have a language that says that if you are behind on your rent, the storage company can put a pledge on all your stored goods. The declaration must be underlined or printed in bold. If your lease has this language, the storage company can confiscate your property, inform you of the sale and sell it at an auction. If your agreement refers to laws that have changed, you may not be able to enter into a legal auction in accordance with your state`s pledge laws. As a general rule, if your lease is more than three years old (and certainly if it`s more than five years old), you should have it checked by your lawyer to make sure it still meets the state`s requirements. Another common scenario in self-storage is the use of a form or presentation agreement from your national self-storage association or similar organization.

If so, you probably have a well-thought-out lease that covers all the bases. but it is always worth having a second set of eyes that check it. Form rentals don`t always take into account your unique process. Murphy Klasing is a partner of Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber P.C. He has a wide range of appeal, arbitration and trial experience and successfully handles numerous disputes. With over a decade of experience in the self-rigging industry, he is an advisor to Public Storage Inc. .