The new collective agreement will apply until the end of October 2025. An agreement between BC Ferries gives one or more defendants the opportunity to agree on a multi-party proceeding with the consent of the plaintiff to waive the recovery of a portion of the damage ultimately attributable to the settlement parties from the defendants taking place. In The Owners of Strata Plan KAS3204 v Navigator Development Corporation, 2020 BCSC 1954, Justice Warren ruled that a BC Ferries AGREEMENT terminates joint liability between the parties to the resolution as a group and the non-deductible parties as a group, but that joint and several liability remains between the non-deductible parties. This decision appears to close the door to the argument that liability will be separated between other defendants who do not charge if the billing parties enter into an agreement with BC Ferries, unless there are unusual circumstances that provide the parties who do not charge the benefit of that agreement. For example, if a defendant is satisfied with a BC Ferries agreement and is ultimately held liable for 20% of the damages, the unrolled parties may demand a contribution of the remaining 80% from the other. Under no circumstances will they be responsible for the 20% attributable to the billable part. In this case, Neilson J. held that disclosure of this part of the settlement agreement, which was based on the amount of the settlement between the plaintiff and the ALS defendants, did not need to be presented, since relevance had not been demonstrated ..