Some employers offer severance pay, but do not use severance and release agreements. At some level, it is a business decision, depending on the culture of the workplace. However, offering severance pay without approval is not always a best practice. Liberation agreements in the United States are generally subject to certain state laws, but the general form of release is often similar in all states. Conventional wisdom suggests that if the employer offers severance pay, it should receive in return a promise not to sue. (The benefits of a release agreement may also include other commitments, e.B. an agreement to cooperate in the future or to refrain from competition or advertising to customers and employees.) If an employer does not receive this promise not to sue and is then sued, they tend to regret the decision to effectively fund the former employee`s lawsuit with the severance pay provided “free of charge and clearly.” No. LawDepot`s automated mutual authorization allows only one of the parties to receive compensation. Contact the lawyer if you are unsure of what documents to provide and when. (h) Assignment of rights.

Each party represents and warrants that it has the authority and authority to enter into this Agreement and that it has not assigned or otherwise transferred or attempted to transfer any of the rights released herein. Therefore, we generally recommend that employers use a corresponding termination and release agreement when offering severance pay. In general, an employer is not required to offer severance pay unless there is an employment contract or severance policy that requires severance pay. But even if there is such an agreement or severance policy, the agreement or policy should also require a severance agreement to receive severance pay and benefits. A partial debt repayment is a general release designed to be used as a debt settlement between two parties. The releasing party undertakes to accept less than what is legally due in order to reach a final settlement. Please note that this document is generally used for disputes arising from the sale of a property. Practical tip: Contact experienced employment and employment counsellors to tailor the agreement to the particular circumstances and confirm the appropriate scope of legal claims that may be released given the facts and circumstances of each former employee`s departure.